Microsoft Acquires Yahoo

his is what the headline will read (1 year out)….

The question is; will it matter?

One plus one does not necessarily equal three in this equation.

Google is so woven into the very fabric of our society, and the literal dependency we have on them is hard to value in terms of dollars or monthly visits.

If we look purely at the numbers, it would appear that Yahoo PLUS Microsoft would clearly create a significant challenge for anyone to compete with, including Google.

However, Google has this simplicity and usefulness that seems to even grow more apparent at the thought of a combined Yahoo and Microsoft.

In fact, even during the midst of this ongoing posturing between Yahoo and Microsoft, Google hit the 141 million visit mark (April 2008), making it the number 1 website in the world.

When I think of this new MicroHoo (or Yahsoft) looming out there together, and a confusing, expensive mass of sort-of-relevant content and tools and sort-of-works-right software, it almost makes me shudder. I think less value, not more.

Despite the impressive statistics that drives Yahoo, and even though Microsoft has more money in the bank than they can even spend, they lack something Google has.


The others are lacking the simplicity behind Google’s model, and even in the very thought of a combined Yahoo and Microsoft creates more anxiety in my mind, than value.

Google will grow quickly in this more social society

All companies involved obviously have substantial critical mass, and are each working to evolve as we use the Internet differently. Each have competitive advantages.

But in this lighter, more friendly social society, Google is the unifying force.

Yes, this soft spot in the global economy and a drop in advertising spends has chipped a way at their impressive growth.

In the end, however the very methodology that drives their search will mimic our very personalities.

As Yahoo and Microsoft grow more complex, Google becomes simply; more valuable.