This site is designed to helpĀ forex education and quantitative analysts collect and store data, interface with a broker, and build automated trading systems entirely in Matlab. The tabs along the top organize the site contents into categories. Within each category are detailed descriptions of the available tutorials and example code.

The tutorials are clearly written and include screen shots for every step. They are not intended to be complete user’s guides, rather they show exactly how to complete only the task described. The tutorials must be followed exactly to get to the point where the Matlab example code can be fully functional as delivered. The tutorials and example code can save a developer many frustrating hours of reading manuals, hunting down the cause of errors, and decyphering poorly written API documentation.


A zip-file containing the entire contents of the site can be purchased securely through PayPal. Immediately upon receipt of the payment, the file is made available to download.

The tutorials and example code are written specifically for the following system and may need to be adapted to run on other systems:

  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • MATLAB Version (R14) Service Pack 2
  • Java VM Version 1.5.0_02
  • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation Build 845.5
  • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation API Version 8.50
  • MySQL version 4.1.12a for Windows
  • Microsoft Office XP Professional 2002 SP1